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Proven Techniques to Gain Excessive PR Backlinks

If you want to optimize your site and rank well in the search engines, you have to get some high PR backlinks. There are two basic and very general camps with SEO. On the one hand, there are those who follow Google’s preferences to the letter, and on the other hand there are those who are willing to bend the rules when they think they can get away with it. High page rank backlinks, however, are something everyone, no matter what kind of marketer they may be, knows the value of. You have the potential to gain more link juice in your backlinks, and that will give you close to the biggest bang for your efforts. No matter what methods you may be using to enhance your backlinks, such as social bookmarking, a link from a high PR site is still desirable. 

Gaining high quality backlinks is easy if you utilize blog commenting. You can buy backlinks or find scripts others show on their sites. You can now take on the task of using the sources youve located or you can outsource it to someone else to do foryou.Be patient though it will take some time. You’ll want to save money by doing it yourself at least at first unless you have the cash laying around to outsource right away. Keep your post comments intelligent and informative to avoid being instantly deleted. 

Social bookmarking backlinks have been a growing fad in recent years as far as web business is concerned.Its simple to attempt themany approaches out there but you can also have someone else do it for you. This method has insane amounts of backlinks available foryou to utilize. It’s important that your backlinks be known by google. This means your backlinks need to be crawled by google don’t simply believe they are research it to find out. When they get googles attention depends on the site as well as what you do to make sure they get noticed. 

Another method of getting high PR backlinks is submitting your sites to directories. Remember that you can find backlinks from low to high use any method you read about. You need to remember that google looks for what comes natural so you’ll want to include some low to high backlinks as well as focusing on high PR backlinks too.You can also find specialized directory submission services for directory backlinks. Having as many varied sources as possible is the reason you want to spread your backlinks around. 

If you want to find high PR backlinks, you can approach it in many different ways. If you’d prefer to outsource your backlinking, then you should do it. However, if you are unfamiliar with outsourcing, then getting educated about all the potential pitfalls common to outsourcing will be time and money well spent.

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