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OpenOffice Download – A good place of work for totally free — Sounds great

Although Microsoft office has been popular for many years there are now some new kids on the block which are proving to be stiff competition, and not only because theyre free.

Is there any real reason to pay for software these days, or are some of these freebies going to eventually take over. Nobody minds paying for a piece of software once, but one problem is that you are only legally permitted to download, say, MS office onto a single computer.


This means that even a reasonable purchase price can become a problem for many larger organizations which have numerous computers. For this reason many universities, companies and even government offices around the world are now opting to use free open source office software. So what do these free packages have to offer? They pretty much provide everything which you could possibly need, including just about every feature of bought software.


You can use spreadsheets just the same, which can be linked to data from various databases and can do the same types of calculations. You have the capacity to do lots of calculations with the data and the majority of them are remarkably easy to use, especially for anyone who has previously worked on spreadsheets.


Written letters and documents can also be created, and they even have the usual auto correctors and spell checkers which many of us simply couldnt manage without these days. Changing lay-outs doesnt have to be a problem so whatever your writing needs, these can be met by many open source free office download packages. The drawing features of some free office packages are surprisingly adaptable and easy to use, making it possible to design and create your own logos or other creations for use at home, school or work.


The quick and simple to follow instructions mean that you spend your time being creative instead of trying to work out how to do it. So whats the verdict? Is it really conceivable that free downloads can threaten the supremacy of MS office? To be honest, millions of people work quite happily with MS Office simply because they know how it works and theyve used it for years, if it isnt broken theres no need to fix it is there? On the other hand, when it comes to replacement office software, why buy something which you can have for free.


Its just a case of getting used to the way of things, but with the many advances and improvements in open source software over the last few years, theres little wonder that many people are choosing a free alternative when it comes to renewing their office software packages.


An OpenOffice download can offer a real alternative to paid office packages. Simple to use and all for free, what could be better than that?