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Is PC Gaming Finished

Many technology websites are claiming that the end is nigh for PC gaming and if you follow the technology news then you are probably aware of this. The fact is though that this type of article has been appearing for years now and still PC gaming is going strong. Although there more than likely will come a day when PC gaming does actually come to an end and we no longer use our computers to play games. In actual fact, we could see this day coming along quicker than many of us thought.


Every time a new game console appears on the scene there are new dire predictions about the end of the PC as a gaming platform. But in truth each of these games consoles makes the PC gaming platform a little bit stronger. This is because when you buy a console you are then tied to it and you know that the developers will eventually stop making games for it. So it is no wonder that so many people love the PC gaming platform because they know there is no chance that this platform will disappear. You also have a lot more choice from PC games. So the more consoles there are, the more quickly they go out of date and the more likely people are to go back to PC gaming.


It is the internet and mobile devices which are posing the biggest threat to the PC gaming world and not the games console as some people think. The speed of the internet is improving all the time as is the technology. There are many internet games available these days that you can actually play online with your friends. Although the PC is often used for this at the moment, the future will probably see devices including the iPad being used instead. If an open source version of this technology becomes popular then we could probably say goodbye to PC gaming for good.


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