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Find Out How to Be sure that CPA Networks Accept You

If you are into internet marketing, you must know the popularity that CPA marketing has gotten recently. If you want to get approved by CPA networks, and you haven’t had any luck so far, read the following tips to get you in. 

You can become accepted into any CPA network you go after as long as you act professionally. Many people fail trying to get into CPA networks and the main reason is because they give out a phone number that doesn’t work. You need to pay special attention to what contact information you provide whenever you’re filling out the application form for the CPA you’re applying to. This is because once you apply; you will get a call from an affiliate manager along with an email. So if you’re not going to give out a proper phone number, the affiliate manager would have no choice but to reject your application. It’s always a good idea to list a phone that has a professional voice mail on it. After all, you don’t want the affiliate manager ringing your cell phone only to be exposed a bunch of rap music, as that will surely make you look as though you’re someone who doesn’t take their business seriously. CPA networks only want to work with people who want to succeed. This means you need to do what you can to get the AM to take you seriously, so you can finally get hired on. A good idea is to go for a virtual phone number or a disposable one. You can get these phone numbers over the internet and with them you can even have every call that comes to them go right to your cell phone. There are quite a few facilities you can employ that will help you get the response you’re looking for. Remember, once you get into a CPA network, there’s no looking back. 

An easy mistake to avoid that many CPA marketers commit is signing up with a network listing their personal email addresses, like their Yahoo! address. Most CPA networks will see these no cost e-mail addresses as shifty because the people behind them can be as anonymous as they want. If aren’t hiding anything, it’s best to use an address that is attached to your personal domain. If you want to come across more professionally, your own email address will do the trick and it will also let affiliate managers know that it’s really you that’s applying. 

When you submit your application, you’ll get an email with a confirmation that it was received by the affiliate manager. This email might also contain a few follow up questions that you should be answering. But the majority of the networks simply give a phone call, rather than emailing. Not taking that phone call from the affiliate manager is a huge mistake a lot of applicants make that causes them to get rejected, and they may have all the correct answers. If you don’t take that call, expect to be rejected since it shows a lack of commitment and an inability to take business matters seriously.But if you’re unable to take the call for some valid reason, call back as soon as possible and explain the situation to the affiliate manager and tell him/her that you are genuinely interested in partnering with their network. 

In conclusion, CPA marketing can definitely make you lots of money but first things first; you’ll need to get into at least one network to start off with it.

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