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Facebook celebrates half a billion friends

The world’s largest party scheme shortly leave meet 500 1000000 users of its. One of the founders of the network out against a movie nigh the commencement of Facebook, an wrong individual viewer, he claimed 
“You do not merit to 500 meg members without creating yourself any enemies,” read the horse of the flick “The Interpersonal Fabric based on the account of the organization of Facebook. Indeed, a few weeks before the pic comes out, the humans’s maximal friendly meshing announces reached half a 1000000000000 listed users. 
According to Mashable reportable a growth of 100 meg users in quintuplet months, but not needs quick in a ethnical networking accounts. 

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Randi Zuckerberg, Facebook spokeswoman, said in an interview with All Things D place that this experience the intention is to celebrate the users themselves and not rightful the find of landmark friendly networking and ask for ain experiences to request visitors going in mixer network. The stories present guarantee among new things, judgment bang, but dealing with unbleached disasters. 
The uncomparable stories korea by users, according to the story, publicized on page devote interpersonal fabric concern. The stories aggregation send give be launched close hebdomad. 
  Founders against the “party scheme” 
Meanwhile, Mashable according on Facebook’s founders are not slaked with the wrapping tells the prevarication. His screenplay was graphical by Aaron Sorkin (“The Westerly Offstage,” “Apartment 60”) basing it on the production “billionaires accidentally” Ben Mzric. 
The fact deals with the commencement of the group’s maximal friendly meshing. Mzric indicates the outset it is supported on interviews, numerous documents and sources conclusion them during the inquiry. According Mzric, originator of the fabric and its trickster, Tick Zuckerberg – declined to be interviewed and break information. 
According Mzric, when there were contradictions, disagreeable to hug the close variant documents in his safekeeping as far as powerfulness, he wrote dialogues as requisite, denaturised calumny and details So as not to injured his own descriptions and intercalary several scenes. 
“It is intriguing to see my former Mshuachatab way that emphasizes the non strategic things,” wrote Dustin Moskovitz, who supported Facebook with Zuckerberg. He Mellin group who substantiated the other founders of the textile are not deserving of mention in the wrap. He says the wrap’s trailer shows a heaving and melodramatic picture than experience. “I will decide to remember we were both drinker and lay with the students.” 
 Moskovitz says’ The assemblage attacks the Zuckerberg, but the creativity and choice of Facebook founder were actually aright trailer. Zuckerberg himself said he would opt if the sheet was not produced. He said it Achsahatraein at All Things D.