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Benefits Of A Maintained Dedicated Host For Hosted Services

To operate of course profitably, today’s Independent Computer Consultant must perform on a Handled Service Model, providing positive monitoring and remote assistance for a flat-monthly fee. But when a lot of of present day small businesses remain accustomed to the outdated type of hourly help, it can be a obstacle to convince them which preventing down time through every day monitoring will be less expensive in the long run than only having the expert in whenever a problem happens.

How do you make your case for your prospective (or perhaps current) small company customer which moving with a flat-fee, proactive product makes sense? Transform downtime into dollars as well as your point gets easy to see.

In accordance with a recent survey from Worldwide Data Firm (IDC), the average business generates an income of around $3.6 million bucks annually. Even as Independent Personal computer Consultants often serve consumers on the smaller sized side, why don’t we round in which number down to $2 million harmless.

If the client has Ten employees, we are able to estimate that each employee creates $200,000 associated with revenue per year. With 260 working days every year and 8 hours each day, that stops working to roughly $96/hr. per employee. Maybe it doesn’t sound like a considerable amount on the surface, yet add up the whole number of service calls that has to be made over the course of the year, and then couple by using the cost of carrying out repairs at an hourly rate, and the expense can really add up.

But let’s take a look at the main issue and consider the type of firm-wide conditions that can be averted. What if a hard-drive in the machine were to fail and also the backup has not run in weeks, or even a virus spreads across the network, or a cyberpunk hijacks the server and units it up like a spam relay. Issues genuinely affect countless small businesses each day and can deliver the entire business to a total stand still. With the price of downtime for your company for any day becoming approximately $7680, as well as the cost of repair at per hour rate being approximately the identical (assuming a typical rate of $100/hr.), the true cost of a day of downtime is nearly $16,000.

That doesn’t take into account the possibility of lost sales, lost information and lost time required to recreate lost data, damage to customer relations, etc, which could grow that expense even more and in many cases be monetarily devastating for the small business.

Considering that a managed service providerPolicy for a small company costs on average $1200/mo. or $14,400 yearly and that one of the following above mentioned prospective problems could easily be prevented with your incorporated system checking, it becomes super easy to see how your find managed service provider provides a much better value with a small business than an hourly help computer consultant who’s simply standing by waiting for a problem to occur.

Now tack on the benefit of having the capacity to provide immediate customer response through your remote support utilities (as opposed to having the consumer wait for hours for their computer consultant to arrive), the increased efficiency that will be obtained by keeping the particular systems current, and the general peace of mind that’s gained simply by knowing the community is being monitored around the clock, therefore it may be extremely tough for a liable small business owner never to switch to the managed service provider staffing.

Making the truth for exactly why switching with a managed support is a monetarily wise decision is an excellent foundation so you can get a client to convert, but to guarantee your ability to be able to seal the offer, you’re going to require to use tried and true sales techniques to combat any other objections that your client may make an effort to raise. These kinds of techniques, in addition to tons of confirmed sales and marketing components can be found in the author’s internet site.