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3 Highly effective Electronic mail Marketing Strategies You Would Be Foolish To Ignore

Email marketing is a proven way to reach customers and is the cornerstone of most online businesses. There’s no easier and cheaper way to contact prospects and customers than email, which makes it the ideal way to contact people for business purposes. Let’s look at a few proven email marketing tips that will enable you to get more click-throughs and sales. 

You only want the best on your email lists, and that is why you really should make people confirm with a double optin. As you probably know, a double optin merely asks the person to confirm that they want to be on your list with a click through in an email. Now, this has become the standard in the industry because you don’t want to end up being accused by anyone that subscribed to your list but forgot about it. Going for a single opt-in may bring up serious issues that are more difficult to deal with. Consider that someone who fails to complete the signup process is quite possibly not worth the effort. 

2) When you’re mailing out to your email list, you should choose the best days your subscribers are likely to respond to your offer. In other words, you should never do a mail out on weekends, Friday and Monday. Many people don’t even check their emails over the weekend. Many people start preparing for the weekend on Friday, so this isn’t good either. If it’s Monday, you have the problem of people not yet in gear to think about anything very serious. Research has shown that the best days to communicate your email message are Tuesdays and Wednesdays. Your emails will produce better results if you send them out in the middle of the week. 

We all know the deal and that is we are in business to make money. We see mail list owners try all manner of craziness with their subject lines, and most of the time they just do not seem very bright with it. A subject line for your email is nothing but a headline. There is virtually no difference at all about what is going on when people take that very first glance at a headline in any sales letter. The best way to come up with your subject lines is to make them short, snappy and curiosity driven.We have all seen effective subject lines that were based on a simple question. You do want to avoid trying to be too brainy with your subject lines because that rarely works well. 

The aforementioned email marketing tips aren’t hard to apply, but if you use them consistently they can yield great results. The effects of following these principles can take a little time to notice, but you’ll start to see gradual improvements. There’s really nothing that comes close to email marketing for leveraging the value of all your customers, so make the most of it.  If you want a great choice for prime internet marketing and advertising, look at – call (407) 876-5771 or click for more info about search engine optimization services, local search optimization and search engine optimization.