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3 Affiliate Marketing Mistakes That Will Leave You Poor

Affiliate marketing isn’t that complicated; it’s actually simple. But many new affiliates who enter the industry every now and then fall for myths and misconceptions and end up making mistakes. Affiliate marketing can be your ticket or it can become another rainbow to chase; learn how to write your own ticket in this article.

Myth one: it is hard work or takes an expert to run websites and blogs; please, don’t believe it. All you have to do is update your site and readers with new content once in awhile, and that only takes a few minutes. Let’s say you are an affiliate for a dog training ebook. The only time you really need to worry about adding new content is when the product’s creator upgrades or changes the product that you are promoting. So it doesn’t really take much work on your part to actually maintain your affiliate pages once you create them. Don’t be confused and think that you won’t have to do any work, you still have to get visitors to your site. After you build your site, getting traffic is something that comes from the outside and is separate from site maintenance.

Another affiliate marketing myth is that there is just too much competition to deal with. The truth is that the internet is growing and the current marketers aren’t even close to tapping its potential. Don’t get scared when you see that an affiliate program has thousands of affiliates promoting that product. These numbers are misleading because almost all of the people promoting a product won’t make but a few sells here and there. That’s right, it may only be 2% of the affiliates who bring in 90% of the conversions. Basing all of your affiliate decisions on some perceived level of competition will slow down your progress.

Another myth is that you need to include flashing banners on your site. If you put these on your site then you will encourage a lot of visitors to hit the back button after they land on your site. You don’t have to go out there and hire a designer for your ads, just keep them simple and to the point. An image of the product is good enough.

All in all, the myths that we discussed above are commonly believed by new affiliates. Listening to and following these false ideas will get you nowhere, very fast.

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